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Operation Spay Neuter partners with local veterinarians to subsidize the spaying and neutering of pets for individuals who have a financial need and those who care for homeless companion animals and strays/ferals.

Overpopulation is the #1 problem for pets in America. There are more dogs and cats than there are loving homes to care for them. Our goal is to have no more unwanted or homeless litters being born to dogs and cats in our community.

About 5 million ‘excess’ dogs and cats will be killed in US shelters this year and millions more are homeless.  Please do not contribute to this problem.  Be responsible and spay/neuter your dogs and cats.


1.       A dog can get pregnant at 5 months old.

2.       The average number of puppies per litter is 6-10.

3.       A cat can get pregnant at 4 months old.

4.       The average number of kittens per litter is 5.

5.       Only 20% of kittens find a lifelong home with humans.

6.       Siblings and parents can and will breed with each other.

7.       The one time cost of a spay/neuter is less than the cost of an ad in the paper and raising a litter to adoption age.

8.       Surplus animals overburden animal shelters.

9.       25% of all pets at shelters are purebred.

10.   70,000 kittens and puppies are born every day in the USA.

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